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Chapter Two

When Loki awoke the next morning, the first thing he saw were two guards inside his room, waiting to drag him away. Loki moaned and got up, feeling tired a dizzy from the terrible night sleep he had. As soon as he stood, the guards bounded his hand and put the muzzle back on him. Loki didn't complain; he simple walked as they lead him out of the room.
He was guided through the halls of the castle and out to the stables. Thor and Odin were already there; ready to mount they're horses when Loki was lead inside. He kept his head down, focusing on the stable floor. He could feel Thor and Odin watching him, they're gaze burning a hole in the back of his neck. The guards lead him to a horse that was already saddled and ready to ride. It had no halter, but a simple lead rope. He guessed one of the guards would be leading the horse alone, so he wouldn't try and escape.

Loki struggled to mount the horse, since his hands were bond, but he managed to all the same. The guards had horses as well, one place on either side of him. The one to his right was holding the lead rope, keeping a firm grip on it. Thor turned in his saddle to see Loki, then turned back and nodded to Odin. And with that, they were off.

Loki felt very awkward, not holding on to anything but the saddle horn. He kept his head down, not wanting to look around. The horses speed went from trots, to gallops. Loki gripped the saddle horn as if for dear life, feeling fear rise inside him. He wondered if it was Thor or Odin's idea for him to have no reigns.

After what felt like thirty minutes, the horses began to slow. Loki looked up, seeing they were on the edge of Asgard. Hedges were everywhere, making it difficult to remover through. But there seemed to be a path cut into them, but it was slightly overgrown, making it difficult to see. The path was rocky, and was slopping downhill. Everyone fell into single order, Odin in front, a guard heading up the rear. After a while, the path branched out into an open field. Loki looked around, taking in the surroundings.

A gloomy wood circled half the field to the right, the other half was surrounded by a rocky mountain cliff. Half hidden in the woods was the face of a small house. That where they were headed, straight up to the house. As they came closer, Loki studied it. It was older, moss growing in splotches here and there, and it was made of stone. A chimney rose on one side, smoke gently puffing from it. The windows were gloomy and look in need of a good cleaning.

Inside one of the window, Loki saw a small figure. Someone was watching them. Then in a blink of an eye, the figure disappeared, as if the person that had been watching them had become too scared and ran away. Loki frowned. Had that been the little girl he was to take care of?

The horse under him came to a stop, snapping Loki back to reality. The guards dismounted and helped Loki do so as well. Once his feet were firmly planted on the ground, one guard approached the house, going to the door, while the other lead Loki to where Odin and Thor stood.

"Remove the muzzle," Odin commanded the guard, and he instantly did as he was told. When the guard removed the muzzle, Loki moved his jaw back in fourth, adjusting it.

"I want you to know," Odin said to Loki in a low voice, "That the girl doesn't know she is a Frost Giant."

"Oh, so you lied to her like you did to me?" Loki shot at him.

Odin didn't reply. Loki felt angry rising in him and he felt the urge to slap Odin, to yell in his face. He felt the urge to use his magic to simple disappear and never come back. He could, he could just disappear. Odin may be able to chain him down and punish him, but he could never strip him of his magic abilities.

"I think it's best you also know you cannot use your powers in here," Odin said. Loki froze.


"There is a magic wall inclosing the field to a certain point. As long as you are inside, you cannot use your powers to escape. You may use them for other such things inside the wall, but they will never be able to penetrate the wall." Loki felt enraged. The old god was smarter then he suspected.

At that moment, the door to the house opened. Standing there was a young woman. He had an apron over her gown and a dish towel in her hands. She listened to the guard, nodding as he spoke. At one point, she looked up and looked Loki right in the eye. Even from so far away, Loki saw the fear in her eyes. It was the same look all the Midguardin's had when he had come to rule them. He loved it.

Odin walked forward, approaching the house. The guard gave Loki a push, making him stumble. Loki shot the guard a look, but kept walking, following Odin.

"All-Father," the women said, dropping her head. "It is good to see you again."

"Same to you, Alvdis," Odin replied.

"Won't you come in?"

Odin smiled, replying with, "That would be very pleasant, thank you." Odin motioned for Loki to follow, and the mischievous god had no other option but to follow. Alvdis moved inside, holding the door open, keeping her head down. As Loki walked by, she looked up slightly. Loki's cold green eyes glared back at her, making her jump. Loki smirked; loving the feel of power fear gave him.

Once inside, Alvdis shut the door and lead them to a small sitting room. The room had a large stone fireplace, flames flickering inside of it. There were two chairs, and then what looked like a lounging chair was placed next to the fireplace. Loki and Odin sat in one of the chairs and Alvdis perched herself on the lounging chair.

"Alvdis, this is Loki, my son," Odin said. Loki rolled his eyes at the last part, but didn't comment. "He is the one that will be taking care of Oda."

Alvdis nodded, keeping her eyes locked on Odin. Loki could tell she was desperately trying not to look at him.

"Before you leave, Alvdis, I would like you to stay a day longer to show Loki what's what around here; is that alright with you?" Odin asked.

Alvdis nodded again. "Yes, my Lord."

Odin was about to reply, but the sound of footsteps stopped him. Loki twisted in his chair and saw at the end of the room a set of stairs, going up to the next level. A pair of feet appeared, then a pair of legs, a waist, shoulder, and then finally an entire body. A little girl was there, dressed in a cream colored dress that pooled around her ankles. She had flowing raven black hair that framed her small body. The girl came waltzing into the room where the three sat, not seeming to notice them. She looked up, and froze.

"Alvdis?" the girl said quietly, "What's going on?"

"Oda," Alvdis said, "Go back up to your room."

The girl broke her gaze on Odin and Loki, looking up at Alvdis. The light from the flames lit up her face and Loki looked her up and down, taking in her facial features. She had chocolate brown eyes, a small nose, and large lips. The emotion in her eyes was disappointment.

"But…" She said quietly, "I wanted to go outside."

Alvdis shook her head. "Not know, Oda. Just please, go back up to your room."

"Yes Alvdis," She said quietly, hanging her head and walking back toward the staircase. Loki's eyes followed her, watching her every move. As she started back up the stairs, she stopped and looked back over the sitting room. Her eyes met Loki and fear instantly replaced her disappointment. She then quickly ran back up the stairs, and the next thing Loki heard was a door shutting.

Loki turned back to face Alvdis. "That was her?"

Alvdis looked at Loki and nodded quickly. "That was Oda," She said.

"And how old is she?"

"She's four and a half."

Loki nodded, thinking. Oda. What a peculiar name. If his memory served him right, it meant elfin spear. He's also noticed she had dark hair. Most Asgardians had golden hair. Well, she was a Frost Giant, just like him.

Just like him.

Right then, Odin stood. He thanked Alvdis and she stood and led him to the door. Loki followed, not knowing what else to do. The three stepped outside and the guards and Thor looked up. Odin thanked Alvdis once more, but before he left, he turned to Loki.

He let out a breath. "Good-bye," He said. Loki didn't say anything, just looked back at him. Then Odin turned and walked back to the guards and Thor. Thor mounted his horse, and then looked back to Loki. He gave him a nod and Loki nodded back. Like always, the big brother was telling him to be safe.

Just like he always did.
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